Why off-shore outsourcing to a CNC machining shop in China

Why off-shore outsourcing CNC machining parts to China 

This is an essential step for many purchasing managers around the world.  Although the supply chain is arising in other countries like Vietnam and India, still many worldwide businesses have their components manufactured in China, since few other countries match with China for cost and efficiency.

How to find a good supply partner amoung so many CNC machining factories in China? It is often not easy to find the right supplier. In addition to price, some considerations are necessary: 

1. Communication. It is more challenging than it is with domestic supply chains due to the language differences. 
2. Understanding of customers' requirements and standards, protection of intellectual property laws. 
3. Response speed. You do not want to wait for long time to get a reply. 
4. Cost of delivery. 
5. Convenience of auditing.

When you source from Eastmaster, you will benefit from our expertise, working speed and competitive quotes. We are a one-stop shop with over a decade of experience in exporting custom made components. We well understand the western country standards and can support call conference with customer on technical discussion. Our response is quick, usually we can make quotes within 24 hours. This means, there would not be any problems when working with us.

What are the benefits of CNC machining services in China?
CNC machining services in China have several benefits for you. First, the supply chain is very broad and efficient. Next, our operators are skilled and motivated. 
And yet, they work 10 hours per day. Do you think the distance is a disadvantage?

Well, we deliver small run production batch to Europe and US within one week, if requested. This includes sand blasting, anodizing and laser engraving of text and symbols, for example. 

At Eastmaster we are good at manufacturing customized low volume machined parts. More specificly, CNC milling of aluminum and other materials like stainless steel and brass and common steel are among the possibilities. In addition, we fabricate engineering plastic components.

You can count on our high standard and prices are competitive. Don’t hesitate to drop us an email with your inquiry. One of our sales engineers will answer you request within 24 hours. And not to forget, we offer design review services and engineering support as well. 

Efficient labor and automation in the Chinese industry
The Chinese CNC machining industry is also acterized by its high level of automation and efficiency. More specific, many factories use advanced CNC machines and software.  
In other words, this allows them to produce high-quality parts at a lower cost than traditional manufacturing methods.

Another advantage of CNC machining in China is the low cost of labor and the availability of a large number of skillful engineers and operators. 
Although the cost of labor in China has increased much in the past years, yet it is still significantly lower than in US/European countries. In this way,  it  is possible to produce parts at a lower cost while still maintaining a high level of quality. 

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