Over Molding Process in Eastmaster

What is over-molding?
Over-molding is a unique molding process that can combine multiple materials into a single part or product. It is commonly used to produce 
consumer electronics and industry equipments. Eastmaster provides plastic overmold plastic, plastic overmold metal, rubber overmold plastic 
services for prototyping and production.

Plastic and metal overmolding products; 
(Plastic and metal overmolding products)
What types of Over-molding can do in Eastmaster?
  The over-molding process produces chemically bonded parts made using various materials. Depending on the materials, we can make the 
  following types of over-molding:
● Plastic Over Plastic - The substrate is rigid plastic. Then another rigid plastic is molded onto or around the substrate. In this way, it can help 
  to improve the ergonomics of a product, manufacture the product in different colors and resins.
  2-shot molding parts
● Rubber and plastic overmolding - Different with plastic over plastic, the second mold plastic rubber, not rigid plastic. It is not only can combine 
  different colored parts, also can fixing of rubber grips onto the stiff handle, which can add the flexibility to rigid parts, help to realized the functional

  Rubber overmold plastic; overmolding prototypes; overmolding for vacuum casting;
● Plastic and metal overmolding
  The first substrate is metal, then rigid plastic will be molded around the substrate. This is often used for installing, which is also called 

  Insert molding; injection molding;

●Rubber and metal overmolding
  Compared with molding, the second plastic changed from rigid plastic to rubber. The first metal part can be produced by formed, CNC 
  machining, die casting.
  Rubber overmold metal; overmolding silicone
What technologies can Eastmaster use to over-molding?

● Vacuum Casting - When the product is in the premise research and development and testing stage, the number of required is not large, 
   vacuum casting is the most affordable way to do over-molding, which is suitable for prototyping projects under 100 pieces.
● Injection molding - For low-volume production and mass production projects, it has obvious benefits on time and cost, which can bring 
   the products to the market in a short time.

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